5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Apps

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September 29, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Apps



Mobile apps have now been a part of our daily lives and the number of users is increasing enormously. People are making the best use of mobile apps even to complete a simple task. Whether it is ordering your favorite food from a restaurant via apps like Swiggy and Zomato or getting your laundry done, apps have eased the way of living and to make things simpler. This adaption of mobile apps has also resulted in the acceleration of businesses that are using apps to drive customers.

Apps have now been a game-changer for every business. It has changed the way of doing business. On the one hand, mobile apps help the people avail of their services and requirements whereas on the other hand it is termed to be a sales booster. It not just serves your customers within a few clicks but also is an aid in managing your business in a hassle-free manner.

Statistics say that by 2022, the annual mobile app downloads are expected to rise extensively to 258 billion, with an increase of 45% i.e. from 178 billion downloads in 2017.

How Does Developing Mobile Apps Helps?

Isn’t this the question that arises while you are reading this? Let me answer this question in form of the statistics that are mentioned above. The statistics clearly say that there is an estimated growth of 80 billion mobile app downloads from 2017-2022 which means that people are making their way towards mobile apps for having their jobs done in the quickest way possible.

And if you are a business person you would probably agree with the phrase “Nothing matters, but numbers” which implies to if more people are tended to use mobile apps then integrating a mobile app into your business would be a smart as well as a profitable deal.

Coming back to the reasons why you should develop a mobile app. Let’s get into this in detail, after all, it is a thing worth giving a thought.

There are many reasons why you should have a mobile app developed for your business. But here we would like to mention the most important reasons to opt for mobile app development for your business.


1. Access to multiple services in form of features

Have you ever encountered certain difficulties in accepting online payments from your customers? Well in that case a mobile app helps your customers to make payments through their preferred mode. And not just payments, developing a mobile app for your business also serve your customers by providing them access to all your services. Through a mobile app you can:

  • Accept different payment methods
  • List the cost of products/services, deals, and discounts
  • To easily search for a specific product/service/category
  • Users can create and schedule new orders/bookings
  • Users can track the status of their orders
  • Manage your business efficiently, anytime and anywhere
  • Increases accessibility of your services to the users
  • To offer personalized services

2. It acts as a Direct Marketing Tool

The roots of marketing are too strong to be ignored for any business, one needs a strong grasp on the roots to outstand in the marketplace. And in the competitive markets innovating your marketing ideas is a must. But mobile apps act as a direct marketing tool for your business. A mobile app helps you in notifying all your customers about the latest offer, sale, or new products/services. For example – The well-known online shopping apps and eCommerce apps like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart use their apps to market their products by sending push notifications to the users at regular intervals. This helps in attracting more users and compels them to make a purchase through their apps.

3. Increases Brand Visibility

Brand plays an important role, for a brand reflects the trust that a customer has on it over several years. “More Trust = More Sales” Development of a mobile app for your business will contribute to creating and increasing your brand visibility and brand awareness speeding up the buying process from the user’s end. The amalgamation of a mobile app into your business is directly proportional to advertising on huge billboards at regular intervals, which also costs much as compared to the app development cost. Whereas developing an app is just a one-time investment for your business and it also helps you in retaining your customers.

4. Your personalized Analytics tool

Do you remember which day you had a 50% increase in sales in your business? The answer might probably be Yes or No. But in both circumstances, mobile apps keep track of all the data related to your business. It also performs the role of analyzing your business and provides you with valuable insights to make necessary updates and improvements. Through an app, you can track the user engagement, the number of downloads, sales made in a day, profit earned, user feedback, and many more. This data will help you in developing your business and driving more conversions and also takes you a step ahead of your competitors.

5. Customer Loyalty and engagement

Providing some kind of rewards to your customers is always a good idea. Talking about famous apps like Myntra and Flipkart these apps provides their customers with loyalty points. These points are credited in the user’s account after they make any purchase and they are redeemable for their next purchase or in form of discount coupons. This strategy helps in encouraging users to make more orders thus increasing your sales. Also to not forget through an app you can draw their attention towards your business where users can directly reach you which also helps you understand your business better and increases customer engagement.


Thinking to Develop an App?

Now that we have listed out all the important reasons why you should develop an app, allow us to help you sort the choice between whether to develop an app or not.

We would say giving it a thought is worth your business. An app if used well, will drive more sales to your business.

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Moreover, the integration of a mobile app into your business gives you a great Return on Investment (ROI) because it is created in such a way that it encourages your customers to make more purchases which strengthen your business. Don’t believe us? Let me give you an example: Domino’s famous for their world-class pizzas, where currently above 52% of their orders are made from the mobile app, when launched their mobile app to make an order, along with the delivery and in-store pickup services, they found an incredible growth of 28% in their sales in the first six months, in the UK alone. This is a pretty good increment for any business, right?

Summing it up mobile apps, not just aids you and your customers but it also helps in driving more sales and boost your profits, expand your customer base, and also gives you additional earnings by placing ads in your apps generally, termed as in-app advertising.

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