iOS vs Android which is better for App Development

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September 7, 2020
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iOS vs Android which is better for App Development

ios vs android which is better

ios vs android which is better

We all want choices in our life. Our preferences and taste differ from our perspective towards the World, but choices can be confusing. Choosing the right OS to start developing an app or invest can be pretty confusing too. In the World of Smartphones, you have two main choices when it comes to creating an app. The very first question strikes in your mind is in which platform, iOS vs Android which is better? If you are looking for the perfect platform to develop or invest in an app, then you’ve come to the right place. We compared both platforms on specific categories to simplify things for you.

Parameters: iOS vs Android which is better

  • Market Share

Android and IOS are the two most well-known smartphone OS just because of their excellent service and usability. If you are looking for a smartphone, you are most likely to end up buying an Android device or an IOS device. When it comes to market shares of these app platforms, Android has nearly 75% of the market share worldwide[source: statcounter]. We know that Android and IOS both are trendy platforms, then why is that big gap between their market shares? There are specific reasons for this gap. Firstly, if we look at the stats, we can see that there are more Android users than IOS users which Contributes positively to this stat. Secondly, most of the apps are free on Android, so it becomes a far more convenient option for an average user where IOS apps have superiority over usability. Acquiring an IOS device is way more costly than getting hands on a new Android phone. So as the bottom line is if we consider only market share, Android has a clear lead if we compare ios vs Android which is better.

ios vs android which is better
  • Demography

While developing an app or investing in it, one must keep the demography in mind. Based on your location, the user majority of iOS or Android differs when we compare ios vs Android which is better. We can see in the image below those countries like Australia, and the USA has the majority of iOS users, whereas Android heavily influences most of Asia. Price again becomes the differentiating in this case also. Keeping this point in mind if you are from a region where the majority is using iOS You must invest your time and money on developing an iOS app or vice versa. 

ios vs android which is better
  • Cost

Cost is one of the main differentiating factors when one is investing in an app startup. The cost of developing an app must be considered wisely before investing your hard-earned money. So ios vs Android which is better, and more economical? Spoiler alert: iOS is more economical, but why? Developing an app on Android costs more due to the more extended testing period. The longer it’ll take to test your app, the costlier the project will be. The testing period in iOS is very less compared to Android, so it ends up costing less money for development. This price gap also affects the phone prices itself. iOS apps cost less to test, so the iPhones are generally more expensive to compensate for the price. Androids are cheaper because it costs more during app testing.

  • Development Complexity

We all want to complete our job with maximum efficiency and in the least possible time. The easier the programming it will be, the lesser time it’ll take to develop an app. It takes 30% more time to develop an Android app than iOS. Creating an App for iOS is much easier than Android. We all know that time is money, so developing an app for iOS can save you some time. But the rest depends on your summary of determining, ios vs Android which is better.

  • Language

Java and Kotlin are used to develop android apps, whereas Swift and Objective c is used to create an iOS app. If we compare these languages, java and Kotlin are more comfortable to learn. Java is an open-source language, so it is user friendly. Swift and Objective C is a bit difficult to understand as they have very different syntax. While programming for an app it’ll be much easier for a developer to code in java or kotlin rather than swift and objective c. So the choice of language also matters when choosing between ios vs Android which is better.

Pro Tip: You can also choose to develop a hybrid app or a cross-platform app development.

  • Security

Let’s get one thing straight iOS is way more secure than Android. There is always a risk factor to Invest in the Android app market as it isn’t that safe. Java being an open-source program the data of the app can be leaked easily. iOS uses advanced algorithms to keep the app secure. In this 21st century, data is the most valuable asset, and iOS handle those the way they are meant to be taken. When you are investing your hard-earned cash on an app, it must be secured so in terms of security iOS has the edge. 

  • Fragmentation

Fragmentation can be a pro and a con at the same time. Apart from smartphones, Android Ecosystem covers a broader market of wearable devices, TVs, and smart appliances. The developer will get the opportunity to work for more audience. Android has this superiority over iOS but it comes with a cost. There are way too many Android-based devices in the market that have different screen sizes and different aspect ratios. A developer must keep this parameter in mind while developing an app, whereas you should keep this in mind while choosing ios vs Android which is better platform for app development.


From the points above, when comparing ios vs Android which is better, we can see that both IOS and Android app development has their own sets of pros and cons, so for a more straightforward outlook, we summarised the whole plot in some points.

ios vs android which is better

Why Android is better:

  • Android has a better audience and a better market share all over the World.
  • Coding to develop an app on Android is way more comfortable.
  • Android has a demographical advantage if we consider the whole World.
  • Due to the lower cost of the phone, people tend to buy an Android device more than an IOS device.
  • Due to fragmentation, one can reach a broader audience.

Why IOS is better:

  • Developing An IOS app is more secure.
  • Developing an IOS app cost less money and less time.
  • The revenue that is generated per app is higher.
  • Due to fragmentation, iOS has a narrower smart peripheral market, so developing an app for IOS takes less effort as compared ios vs Android which is better.

Bottom line

After this thorough discussion, we can see that both platforms have their unique perks, but ios vs Android which is better for you? Short Answer- It depends on your choices and circumstances. Depending on your demographic majority, you may end up being on team iOS or team Android. If you want to reach more audience, Android is the way to go. Your project will be more secure if you go for iOS. It would be best if you got your priorities right. No app platform is perfect, but you can’t go wrong if you choose any one of these.