8 Factors that determine the App Development Cost Estimate

ios vs android which is better
iOS vs Android which is better for App Development
September 11, 2020

8 Factors that determine the App Development Cost Estimate



Before developing an app, one should be aware of the app development cost estimate and should be prepared to adjust it according to one’s budget. So to know whether the funds fit the app development cost, one must be aware of the factors that determine the app development cost estimate. Before going to the factors, let us see why most of them are trying to develop an app. It is because:

  • An app provides us quick services
  • It saves time
  • Saves money

Everyone has their ideas of developing an app, but this is not enough to help them build one. They must also be aware of how to transform their ideas into an efficient app and how it satisfies the customer’s needs. Now let us discuss in detail:

Factors that determine the app development cost estimate

1. The platform of development

2. Features and functioning of the app

3. Cost of hosting

4. Freelancer /company

5. Third-party app integration

6. Cross-platform vs. Native

7. App design(UI/UX)

8. Security costs

We can now go through the factors one by one:

1. Platform

We can say that selecting a platform is one of the essential tasks that determine the app development cost estimate. The major platforms are Android and iOS. Like if you develop an app for Android users or iOS users, it might cost less than developing an app for both the platforms. If you are a startup company, you may not be able to afford high app development costs, so try to take a platform with more users or make an app for both platforms.


2. Features and functioning of the app

Providing your app, most of the features is also important. An app with many features attracts users and also sustain in today’s market. While developing an app, you also must be aware of what you are trying to provide to your users by making it unique to stand out in the app market. We said that everyone likes an app with many features, but notice that integrating more features may higher the app development cost estimate.

3. Cost of hosting

Hosting an app is also an essential factor in the app development cost. After hosting in particular platforms, the user can download the app. Before choosing a hosting platform, try to look that it satisfies a specific bandwidth, has a reasonable API request, and has adequate bandwidth per MAU. As a whole, an app meeting the features as mentioned above, will be the best one. Before selecting a hosting platform, make sure that using that platform brings you many users and does not create any trouble while updating the app. Remember that dedicated server hosting is a bit costlier and if you cannot afford that, try to choose shared hosting.

4. Freelancer/Company

First, let me tell you about who is a freelancer, and what is a company?

A freelancer is a professional. He might have experience in developing an app, so he can help you build an app according to your convenience. Now you may decide to hire a freelancer but always be aware of its advantage and disadvantages.

The advantages of a freelancer include:

  • It fits your budget
  • He works according to your needs and so is flexible
  • They do not depend on any others

The disadvantages are:

  • There is no guarantee for maintenance and support
  • There will be no personal interaction

A company also have its advantage and disadvantages. The benefits of hiring a company are:

  • A company includes a team of experts who are professionals
  • The team works efficiently and sincerely
  • Genuine prices and is also affordable
  • As experts develop an app, they are definitely of good quality

The Disadvantages of hiring a company are:

  • It is a team who will be working on a project, and so members of the same group may have different opinions
  • Difficulty in selecting a company.

Summarizing the choice between a freelancer developer and a development company, you can go for anyone, which depends on your requirements as well as your app development cost estimate. Be considerate of whom you choose to develop an app because their hourly rates and location may also increase the app development charges.


5. Third-party app integration

It is a significant factor in developing an app. To provide access to the location, we require a GPS. To provide access to social media it requires widgets, analytics also requires Mixpanel, and supporting it requires payment gateway service like Stripe and Paytm. As mentioned earlier, the factors are essential for developing and should be noted while developing an app. The other third-party integrations might include chat API like Twilio, Firebase, and many more.

6. Cross Platform vs. Native

Both these have their advantage; if you plan to create an app for android and iOS, choose a cross-platform app development. A native application is useful if we use any features like augmented reality or any other technology, resulting in the fluctuation of the app development cost estimate.

7. App Design

Try to make the design more attractive by including more icons, color combinations, and animations. The usage of graphics and other features attracts users. If the UI/UX is simple, it may not cost much, but it costs a minimum sum. The other features include animations, 3-D objects, and elaborated visuals. But including all these in the app may increase the app development cost a lot, but it enhances the app’s features and look.

8. Security Costs

We are aware of today’s world in which security is a significant factor. So one must give more priority to an app that provides maximum protection to privacy. Moreover, it also costs a lot.


These above mentioned are the factors that affect the app development cost estimate. So, if you are planning to develop an app, share your app idea with us, and we will get back to you with the best solution. Talking about the average app development cost estimate, may range from as low as $1500 to $30,000, which depends on the factors and the features and functionalities you want to integrate into your app.